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How to make a submission to the Climate Resilience Inquiry

The Greens have secured an Inquiry into Climate Resilience to consider how we can prepare for, and mitigate, the impacts of global heating in Victoria. The Inquiry is open for submissions until June 28.

Public submissions are the first stage of the Inquiry, then the next stage is hearings. 

The Inquiry will deal with our ‘built environment’, so areas like town planning, housing, transport infrastructure, energy generation, emergency services resources, water management and food security will be the most relevant.

Labor and Liberal governments alike have pushed ahead with climate wrecking coal and gas projects, leaving impacted communities to deal with the consequences of fossil fuel emissions. We deserve every kind of support to meet the challenges of global heating, and to turn climate change around.

This is a chance to talk about the climate impacts you are most concerned about. What risks are your community facing? How can we better prepare to face climate impacts? How can the state government act to mitigate climate risk and manage disasters when they happen?

We need your voices to be heard on this. If you are concerned about climate impacts, have experienced climate disasters, or have ideas on what is needed for a safer future, please put in a submission. The most important thing is to speak about your own experiences and concerns, and to put forward your ideas about what our communities need. You can submit in text, audio or video format, on behalf of an organisation or as an individual.

Ready to write? Start your submission to the Climate Resilience Inquiry here.

Need more info or support? Friends of the Earth have an excellent guide on how to make a submission here.

Let’s do what we do best: take action together to keep our communities safe.

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