Your new Co-Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens!

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Congratulations to the formidable Ellen Sandell, our new Greens parliamentary Leader! It’s such an honour to have been appointed Co-Deputy Leader along with the wonderful Sam Hibbins from Prahran. Thank you to Samantha Ratnam for your incredible leadership – can’t wait to see you in Federal Parliament representing the people of Wills!

The shared Deputy Leadership is an extraordinary challenge and an exciting opportunity to bring progressive change to Victorians.

Our new Greens leadership has challenged Labor to fix the worsening housing crisis or risk losing more lower house seats at the next election.

Both major parties will continue to haemorrhage votes while they ignore the thousands of Victorians in housing stress and unable to find an affordable home.

I am the first Greens MP to represent a rural or regional area in Victoria. One of my new responsibilities will be to lead Victorian Greens’ business in the Legislative Council, where the Greens hold the balance of power.

Statement by Dr Sarah Mansfield:

As Co-Deputy of the Victorian Greens, I will ensure that towns like Geelong and Ballarat, along with farming and coastal communities across the regions, are fairly and firmly represented in our parliament.

I entered politics because I am passionate about addressing inequality, including regional disadvantage.

The Greens are here to give a voice to all those who are feeling let down by politicians.

Labor has no vision and no policies that prioritise our health and the health of our environment.

People want an alternative to the duopoly of Labor and Liberal – the Greens are that alternative.

The Greens are not just here to hold governments to account – we’re also here to take them on.

The Greens have a positive vision for our future. We are here to get outcomes on the issues that are impacting people right now across our state, like housing affordability, cost of living, the climate crisis. 

We will use our power in the upper house to achieve real change for people regardless of where they live.

We are not content to tinker around the edges of deep-rooted inequalities. We are here to shake things up.

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