Save the Murray Darling

Our waterways are our most precious resource.

More than 3 million people, or roughly 12% of Australia’s population, depend on the Murray Darling for water yet this state Government is willing to put their livelihoods and communities at risk by refusing to step up to its environmental commitments.

In April 2024, Victorian Labor did a deal with their Federal counterparts over the Murray Darling Basin Agreement, however it is unclear what that deal consists of, or whether Victorian Labor is at all genuine about saving this precious river.

The need for action could not be more urgent. The Murray Darling is facing a dire future of mismanagement and climate change impacts. Restoring the Murray Darling Basin system is essential to prevent species extinction and ecosystem collapse. Victoria’s food security and community health depend on these waterways.

Keeping the Murray alive requires all states to do their part. It’s past time the Victorian Labor government contributed, instead of pursuing dodgy infrastructure projects that create a handful of jobs while selling out communities and the environment. The Greens are fighting for the return of real water to the environment, for the health of the river and the people who live with it.

Save the Murray Darling


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