Lara stands strong against waste incinerator

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We can’t set fire to our waste problems and burn our way out of climate change

There was a telling moment at the packed Say NO to Lara Big Incinerator public meeting on Monday, August 21. A resident asked people to raise their hands if they object to a ‘waste to energy’ incinerator being built in Lara – and the response was overwhelming.

The proposed incinerator will burn 400,000 tonnes of waste per year at 164-200 McManus Road, Lara. Not only do we not even make enough waste in Western Victoria to meet that demand, incineration is the most expensive way to manage waste and the least efficient way to make energy.

We can’t set fire to our problems and burn our way out of climate change. This is a massive step in the wrong direction and it’s not good enough that our regional communities are the ones being burdened with these hazardous waste facilities.

From my perspective as your Greens MP for Western Victoria, there’s some simple reasons why this project shouldn’t go ahead:

  • One – The community doesn’t want it – they’ve been loud and clear and the EPA and the Government need to listen. The Lara and surrounding communities shouldn’t have to bear the health risks of this.
  • Two. These facilities have a huge carbon footprint. It’s criminal to even think about burning our waste problems in a climate crisis.
  • Three. Waste incineration is a shortcut that undermines our waste system. What this Government needs to be doing is focusing on waste reduction and recycling, not supporting toxic incinerators.

I urge you all to keep fighting, because pressure works and we’ve seen it happen. We’ll be tabling the Lara petition in Parliament early next year, so please add your voice to their campaign:…/details/12/516

And huge thanks to Geelong Sustainability for their hard work organising such a great event!

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