Parliament wrap-up: August 18, 2023

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Greens standing up for people and planet

PARLIAMENT WRAP-UP: This week I was reminded of how important it is to have the Greens standing up for people and planet in the chamber (and outside of it!).

  • Ballarat tailings dam: I called on Labor to order an Environmental Effects Statement for the hazardous waste tailings dam approved for a site just 100 metres from Ballarat houses and schools.

    The potential for contaminated dust arising from the works is of major concern to the community and for good reason. This Govt needs to prioritise human health and take action to protect communities.
  • Minerals legislation: I spoke at length about Labor’s blatant lack of community consultation on their Mineral Resources Amendment Bill.

    The process for approving mines needs reform, but this is a backwards step and relies on mining companies self-assessing the environmental risks of their activities.

    I pushed hard for changes that would force genuine consultation and that would better protect our environment.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t have the numbers to get it through, but we put forward a strong case and have Labor on record committing to better consultation.
  • Seismic blasting: When people learn more about this issue, they’re horrified it’s allowed to continue in our oceans. It’s an issue I’ll continue to draw attention to until our marine life is safe from this unnecessary harm and risk.

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