Why I’ll be voting Yes on October 14

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An important step towards Truth, Treaty and bringing to life the Uluru statement from the Heart

On October 14th, I will be voting yes. By voting yes, we are supporting the simple idea that First Nations people can have a say in decisions that affect them, and that this right can never be taken away.

In my work as a GP, I’ve seen firsthand that when community voices are reflected in programs and services, they have better health outcomes. Because communities understand their own needs.

The referendum is a significant moment for our country, and an important step towards justice and self-determination for First Nations peoples. If the referendum passes, it marks an important step in the journey towards Truth and Treaty, and the full implementation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. It is the start of a process of coming to terms with our past and building a better future together. Our work must continue beyond the 14th October.

To volunteer for the YES23 campaign in our region:

Warrnambool for Yes – Yes23
Geelong for Yes – Yes 23
Ballarat for Yes – Yes 23 Take Action
Central Goldfields for Yes – Yes23
Ararat for Yes – Yes23

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