More action needed from Government to prevent homelessness in Western Victoria

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MEDIA RELEASE – 21st September 2023

More action needed from Government to prevent homelessness in Western Victoria.

The Labor Government’s Housing Statement released yesterday blatantly overlooks Western Victoria’s 2000 plus homeless who are in urgent need of safe, liveable housing.

Greens MP for Western Victoria Sarah Mansfield says Labor’s shameless avoidance of committing to public housing and disregard for the enduring funding needed to sustain homelessness services is inexcusable.

“The word homeless was mentioned once throughout the entire statement which is just insulting to the growing number of people in our community who are sleeping rough, couchsurfing and living in severely overcrowded dwellings.

“The only investment we can see to prevent homelessness is a $2 million Rental Stress Support Package for those who are struggling to pay rent which is just a joke.

“Another obvious measure to help prevent homelessness would have been committing to a rent freeze and rent controls to help protect those renters who are choosing between food and affording the next rent hike.

“With close to 7,000 households on the priority list for the Victorian Housing Register in Barwon alone and over 125,000 across Victoria, what we need to see is a firm commitment to building public housing – not handing public land over to property developers.”

The Council to Homeless Persons released its report in July on the Top 20 areas in Victoria with surging homelessness, with South Barwon, Melton and Eureka taking out the top three spots.


“Most of what was announced for the regions yesterday is simply the Government re-gifting us their old announcements. The $150 million for regional workforce fund is an example, it was already announced in July.

“Labor will argue that by building more houses you’ll solve homelessness but that only works if it’s public housing. Relying on property developers and landlords to do the right thing is never going to work.”

“To put an end to homelessness in Western Victoria, we need this Government to guarantee long-term funding for homelessness services and to commit to public housing – not walk away from its responsibilities to our most in-need communities.”

“This plan is just further evidence the Andrews Government is prepared to abandon renters to spiralling rent prices and leave their fate in the hands of developers and landlords.”

Feature Image: Council to Homeless Persons


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